Why Start Using Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are therapeutic blankets which usually weight between five to thirty pounds. The weight makes the blanket soft and cosy, but it also provides support to the body. The weight makes the blanket able to respond to the person’s weight, providing more support. This is similar to the effect massage has on the human body. However, massage only provides relief from pain and not stress.

Why use Weighted blanket Brisbane? Studies have shown that many people suffer from various symptoms because they are stressed out. These symptoms include increased blood pressure, shorter attention spans, increased anxiety, more severe and chronic infections, decreased immunity, and a slower recovery time after injury or surgery. Therefore, the use of these blankets is effective in reducing the effects of stress.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. Some research has indicated that melatonin helps with sleep. However, this has yet to be proven. Many believe melatonin improves sleep because it increases melatonin production. Another use for the weighted blanket is to increase serotonin levels in the brain, promoting sleep and relaxation.

The Weighted blanket Brisbane is useful to so many people because they can be used for many different ages. The blanket can be used for a child as young as four years old. Many parents use them with their young children to keep them warm at night. The blanket not only makes the young child comfortable, but it also gives added support to help the child fall asleep.

Adult blankets come in both twin duvet style, and adult bedding sets. They also come in hooded and unhooded styles. The blankets can be washed like a regular blanket, and the material will hold up to multiple items of washing. Most blankets can be washed and dried with a few shakes of the washing machine.

weighted-blanket-brisbaneA great way to use the weighted blanket for sleeping is to incorporate it into your deep pressure treatment for anxiety. The deep pressure treatment is a therapy that uses controlled pressure on a particular area of the body. You typically target the shoulders or the head/neck area. This therapy can be very effective with minor symptoms of depression. When you incorporate the weighted blanket into your deep pressure treatment, you can provide additional therapeutic benefits. These additional benefits can help reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms of depression.

For adults who have chronic insomnia, the weighted blankets may even prove to be helpful. Research has shown that people who get at least ten per cent of their recommended sleep each night usually have much better quality sleep than those who don’t get at least ten per cent of their recommended sleep. Although this may not seem like much, it can make a massive difference in the quality of your sleep.

In addition to sleep, the study participants who used the blankets experienced less anxiety and depression. The blankets also had a positive impact on mood disorders. The results of the study are promising for anyone who has ADHD. If you have been struggling with sleep or anxiety, try incorporating an ADHD weighted blanket into your routine. They can be handy for treating these common symptoms.

The weighted blankets for ADHD were designed for use with individuals who have various forms of autism. The fact that they target the symptoms of autism is essential. This is because there is no known cure for autism spectrum disorder. The symptoms are usually behavioural problems and social awkwardness. Effective treatment for individuals with this disorder would target the chemical imbalance in the brain that causes the disorder.

The studies conducted on the weighted blankets for ADHD showed that they are instrumental in treating the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. They also showed that depression levels were reduced during the treatment. However, it is essential to note that the severity of the depression was found to be mild. This is good news because those suffering from severe depression often find it hard to adjust to life with a disorder. Those with mild depression may benefit from using an ADHD weighted blanket during deep pressure therapy.

Researchers found that the blanket’s thickness and the length of time the blanket was used had a calming effect on patients with anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity. Those who used the blanket for three to four months were less anxious and did not have increased depressive symptoms. These results show that the blanket can have a soothing effect on mood disorders, even in adults. Those with sensory issues should consider a sensory therapy blanket such as the ADHD WBS since this type of therapy has a higher success rate of over ninety per cent.

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