Exciting Facts About Split Level Homes

Split Level Home Builder AdelaideBy their very name, split-level homes started appearing in American suburban neighbourhoods in the early 1950s. They quickly gained peak popularity in the middle of the 1960s only to gradually fall out of favour in the following decades. Although layouts varied at times, the most common layout featured the master bedroom, main living area, and dining area on the lower level. This is still common in some newer homes. A few homeowners still choose this layout, but most people opting for a ground floor addition to their home choose the second story to be used for additional storage or as an extra room. There are many benefits to adding a second story to a house and working with OakfordHomes.com.au.

If the original bedrooms were too small for growing families, then having a second level allows each set of bedrooms to be adequately utilised. Children will have plenty of space to play and grow. Adults can enjoy the additional space and leisure time to relax without worrying about a child or adult accidentally falling from the second-floor landing. Having a second story also makes it easier to access the bedrooms when necessary.

Another benefit of a split level home popularity is the additional space that new houses offer. Rather than being stuck with the standard two levels, more buyers are opting for multi-level homes. These are generally made up of two levels that run the house’s length and up to a third level which connects the upper and lower levels. The great thing about these homes is that they offer square footage on each level than the traditional two-story homes do. These homes also typically have a lower overall price.

Many buyers are choosing to combine their current home with a newly built luxury home. With this option, the Split Level Home Builder Adelaide will generally include a large living room area and the bedrooms. This living area is designed around the homeowner’s specifications and is usually equipped with all the buyer’s luxuries. Some houses come with separate formal dining and kitchen areas, while others feature an entire media room designed to create the perfect space for entertaining guests.

One thing that many people love about split level home designs is the layout of the stairs. There is only one level of stairs leading down to the front of the home with many homes. In a two-story home, however, the stairs are split down the home’s centre to each of the different grades. This creates a much more vertical room to walk up. When a person can see their whole house at a glance, they often find it easier to navigate stairs than if they could only see part of the house.

In some cases, the middle of the home has multiple levels of stairs. Because these types of stairs are much longer than those in traditional houses, they often have room for a staircase that goes all the way to the bottom floors of the home. You need a Split Level Home Builder Adelaide for this. The bottom floor of these homes typically has larger windows and sometimes even doors that connect to the home’s upper levels.

When a homeowner decides to add a second floor to their home, they often want to make sure the second floor is as luxurious as the first. Many split level homes have significant living areas that include an entire sitting room area designed around a fire pit. Other split levels homes offer large sitting rooms that are set back up against one of the levels of the home. In many cases, the fireplace or sitting area is set back so that it is impossible actually to see the fireplace when it is operating. In other instances, the fireplace and sitting area can be seen from almost every angle through glass walls that surround the room.

A split level home built by OakfordHomes.com.au can be an ideal home. However, it would be best if you remembered that it would be much more difficult to maintain your home with stairs close to the outside. Many homeowners will also choose to add a second story to their home to allow the staircases to be used. These families will typically find that the additional space offered by adding another floor that is located above the ground is well worth the extra money that they will spend on this solution.