Agricultural Advantages of Using a Silage Film

A silage film is an agricultural film that’s commonly used in ranches and farmlands to protect and store forage, maize, hay, and silage in locations where the growing season of herding grass is relatively short. This tacky film bundles silage together to create a more manageable shape for transporting and deliveries. If you’re looking for an effective way to store your silage, it must be a silage film – Experts claim that a silage film keeps the forage within an ideal humidity condition. That way, it facilitates controlled fermentation.


Speciality films have been distributed to many states in Australia for decades. Many farmers and ranchers choose this product for the following advantages:


  • It maintains the health and nutritional value of forage, all while inhibiting unwanted fermentation processes.
  • It reduces the rate of spoilage during bad weather.
  • Forage covered by silage film – is made of high density and is easily digestible by cattle and other livestock.
  • It enhances the nutritional value and quality of forage during storage.


Here are some of the benefits of using a silage film:


  • Low-Cost Option: you don’t have to spend too much to invest in high-quality silage films.
  • Durability: one of the main selling points of a silage film. Even in the presence of agricultural chemicals and UV radiation, the slim will not be tarnished, nor will its quality be compromised.
  • Extreme Performance: a silage film performs at its best even under high temperatures – it does not become brittle or break.
  • Spoil-free: using a silage film will result in less to zero per cent spoils so that you won’t have any problems or headaches once your forage is ready.





The following are standard specifications for a silage film. We made sure that we provide nothing but the most standard quality silage films so that you will get all the value that you need from this product.


  • Length: 1500m / 2000m
  • Width: 300 mm (15″) /500 mm (25″) / 800mm (40″)
  • Thickness: 30 – 160 micron
  • Color: Black, White, Green


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