Choosing Storm Door Options That Will Save You Money

Homeowners have a wide array of options when it comes to choosing screen doors. The traditional screen door and the newer sliding door are beautiful doors installed in any door configuration. There are even screen doors that will swing in and out! The benefits of installing screen doors are numerous and they will provide you with protection and convenience for your home and family.


Retractable Screen Door in Screen Doors Adelaide – The name says it all! A retractable screen door pulls outward from the doorway instead of swinging in or out as the name suggests. They are usually a more popular option for many homeowners because they offer a tighter look at the door than traditional swinging doors. There are two kinds of retractable screen doors currently available for use on your front door from a normal entryway to an interior sliding door. These doors are made from glass and plastic and will have either a thin plastic film across the glass or frosted glass with a metal foil covering.

These doors will swing open inwards towards your sitting area. When the weather is cold, you may choose to keep the screen doors closed to provide even more insulation for your home. On extremely warm days, however, you can open them up to allow the warm air in to escape and let the cool air in. This allows your home to maintain a comfortable temperature even on extremely hot days. Another benefit of having storm doors installed is that they can help prevent sound from coming through your windows and doors, disturbing.

Fiberglass Storm Door – The benefits of fiberglass storm doors are not often thought about but can have many advantages. The material used in these doors is extremely sturdy and durable. Fiberglass doors can be purchased in various colors such as blue, gray, red, black, white, clear, and many other colors to compliment your home’s decor. These doors come in single, double and even triple-pane glass which will reduce energy cost over time. A significant advantage of fiberglass storm doors is that they are very easy to clean with soap and water and can resist mold growth.

Wood Storm Door – This is another popular option and one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency when choosing entrance ways for your home. Wood is an excellent choice for this application because of its strength and durability. The wood used in this type of screen door has been treated to make it resistant to rotting, cracking and warping. This makes it ideal for use in entryways that are subject to considerable amounts of human traffic.

When choosing storm doors as an alternative to standard entryway screens, you can dramatically decrease your home’s exterior door cost by increasing the entryway’s efficiency, check this out. Energy efficiency is critical to our overall comfort and quality of life and having a high-quality door provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is safe and secure. Don’t skimp when it comes to your exterior door. You can easily purchase high-quality outer screen doors for up to 15% less than buying a standard door. Invest in your home today with an environmentally friendly, durable external door and increase your home’s value.