All Your Keys in One Place

Easily store your keys in an organised, silent storage place. The Orbit Key Ring from SaintGarde Orbit Key securely holds up to seven keys at a low and sleek profile. This keyring from Orbit Key also blends in hand-made leather with an industrial stainless steel dual locking mechanism. It is a refined style that ages gracefully with age. When you want a subtle, understated key ring, this is a perfect addition to your office or home. When you want something to scream “High-end,” this is it.

The key organiser from SaintGarde Orbit Key features two different layouts. The first is the standard single pivot layout. This is a perfect space-saving layout for when you have just a few keys and need a quick and easy place to put them with little concern for looks.

TAll Your Keys in One Placehe second is the larger keyholder with fold-out metal rails accessible from the SaintGarde Orbit Key top. This fold-out accessory is not only perfect for the frequent key holder but also a great accessory for holding larger and longer car keys. The large metal loop attachment has two single-point hook lids that can hold up to seven keys comfortably. When you need to hold several smaller cards or coins, this larger key holder is a practical choice.

The Orbit Key Ring from Orbit Keyrings and the larger key holder from the Orbit Key Portrait Kit came in black, navy, and ivory. The canvas bag is available in many colours. You can find it in black, cream, charcoal, and even wonderful combinations like purple, burgundy, and blue. This allows you to choose the colour and design that best enhances your taste and style. This keyholder is a perfect accessory for everyday wear and a fantastic way to dress up an everyday wardrobe.

The third collection of smart key organisers from Orbit Key is the Smart Organiser Key Holder, a simple design that features two pockets on either side of the keyring, one inside the other. It is perfect for storing smaller frequently used keys and cards, while the inner pocket is large enough to hold coins and other larger items. It is easy to access all three pockets with this keyholder and keep your keys and accessories organised. The leather exterior provides a handsome addition to any vehicle interior and adds a touch of sophistication.

Whether you prefer the classic oversized key holder from Orbit Key Rings or a sleek and refined smart key organiser, you can find one to fit your style. The keyholder accessories from Orbit will help you keep your keys organised and out of sight while protecting your investment. There are many styles and colours to choose from so that you can find the perfect key holder to complement your vehicle. So go ahead and update the look of your vehicle and make it truly your own.