How Do You Know If It’s the Right Time to See a Podiatrist?

When it comes to the pains and discomforts in the feet or ankles, most people tend to put off seeing a doctor. It is because they are unsure of where to seek treatment. And whether you believe it or not, some individuals even think that it is only reasonable to experience continuous foot discomfort. However, people must realise that constant foot pain is not normal.


A visit to the podiatrist to get Orthotics & Podiatry Services Adelaide is your best bet if you have any problems that involve the foot and ankle. Sports injury, arthritis/joint pain, skin problems are only a few among those plenty of problems. When you have issues with your feet or ankle, a podiatrist is a right specialist you must seek. These professionals are more than capable of managing and treating almost all symptoms that are relevant to the ankle or foot.


Now is the time for you to make an appointment to a podiatrist if you are experiencing any of these following issues or symptoms.


  1. You have constant pain and swelling in one foot.


It is normal to suffer from sore or swollen feet occasionally. However, if you feel sudden pain, swelling or numbness in one foot without any apparent reason, you will need to see a doctor as it can be a sign of a severe problem.


  1. You have nail fungus.


With the growing popularity of nail salons, the number of cases of fungal infection on toenails also has exponentially increased. The virus causes the nails to become both thick and discoloured. If it is left untreated, you are running the risk of spreading it to the rest of the healthy toenails.


  1. You have constant heel pain.


Variety of issues is behind the heel pain you continuously experience. So to identify the root cause of the problem and provide you with an effective treatment plan, a podiatrist will perform an exam and take x-rays.


  1. You suffer from a sprain or broken foot.


Visiting the orthopaedist is undoubtedly the first thing that will come to your mind in terms of foot or ankle issues. However, the one that has more experience in treating these issues is the podiatrist.


  1. You have diabetes.

Foot problems are especially prevalent to people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They tend to experience poor circulation, nerve damage, ulcers as well as an infection. Thus, you must see the podiatrist every once a year to get a foot exam if you have diabetes. By doing so, you can prevent acquiring these potentially severe issues.


Keep in mind that taking good care of your feet is your sole responsibility. You should speak with your internist or primary care physician about seeking a referral to get Orthotics & Podiatry Services Adelaide in time if you are having any issues relevant to feet and ankles.