The Qualities Every Kids Shoe Should Have

Most children lead very active and physically inclined lives. It is how it’s supposed to be since active lifestyles will help them develop the skills; they need to conquer the world as they grow up. Experts say parents should allow their kids to run, jump, and play during playtime so they won’t miss the best years of childhood.

If you have an active and fun-loving kid who likes to run around and engage in outdoor activities, you should get him shoes that will complement well with the things he loves to do.

What are the attributes reliable kids shoes should have?


Fashion is critical in a teenager’s shoe collection, but when it comes to kids, comfort is equal to enjoyment. Your child’s shoes should not be too tight nor too loose, especially if he likes playing outside with friends and relatives. Comfortable shoes will allow your child to indulge at the moment while having his feet protected from blisters and bacteria.


Next to comfort is durability. Undeniably, kids shoes should be strong enough to withstand active feet that will someday reach great heights. Children like to kick balls, and they love to run so you should only purchase shoes that can live long enough to survive at least a semester in school.


It can be worrying for some mothers to see their child play in puddles after a rain shower. It is perfectly normal, and experts say children should be allowed to explore the world as long as adults are watching over them. Waterproof shoes are necessary to ensure that your child can enjoy his shoes for an extended period.

Velcro Straps

Younger kids who don’t know how to tie their shoelaces shouldn’t be forced to do so. They will learn how to do this in time. For the time being, shoes with Velcro straps are more conducive for a child’s comfort. They’re easy to put on and easy to take off, making for a suitable pair of shoes for toddlers who sometimes can’t wait to leave the house and explore the outside world.

Ankle Protection

Active children should have shoes that feature ankle protection to ensure that they won’t be injured while playing. It’s normal for kids to play rough at times, especially in physical games. What you can do as a parent is to reduce the chances of getting your child’s feet injured by making him use shoes with ankle protection.

Extra in Size

Children outgrow their shoes fast. You can save some money for other uses if you purchase a pair of shoes for your child that is larger than his usual feet. An inch would be enough to ensure that your kid’s shoes will last until next summer.

The quality of shoes your kids wear is critical in your goal of encouraging them to enjoy their childhood years. The above tips will help you pick the right pair that will make your child feel how enjoyable childhood can be.