Using an Infrared Sauna Blanket to Lose Weight Faster

Take a health lesson from the likes of stars worldwide and treat yourself to an infrared sauna blanket. Perfect for travel or at-home use, our Infrared Sauna Blanket increases the body’s internal thermal energy, promoting a temporary increase in energy levels and triggers a natural sense of relief. The result? A healthy, relieving experience, which leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

This fantastic new technology works by absorbing infrared wavelengths from the sun and converting them into heat, so you feel the heat. What’s more, is that the blanket can be pre-washed to ensure no scent or residue. Best of all, this low emission heat source is gentle on sensitive areas of the skin. Many doctors recommend that their patients wear them while treating themselves to prevent the spread of minor skin irritations like acne. You can keep your sweat covered and still reap the benefits of infrared heat therapy.

infrared-sauna-blanket-in-AdelaideThis is the perfect way to detoxify with ease. Our ever-expanding polluted environment is making us smell bad-and sweating is one of the ways we try to counteract the odour we cannot seem to get rid of on our own. By wearing an infrared sauna blanket while you take a shower, the heat from your body penetrates deep into your pores to absorb the nasty sweat, which is then released through the cotton fabric. What happens next is a chemical reaction that speeds up your metabolism and rejuvenates your cells. That much is certain.

If you’re sleeping on an incline, an infrared sauna blanket in Adelaide will be able to provide you with the optimum warmth necessary for comfortable rest. The blanket will be able to keep you warm all night long, and you will be able to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. In addition, the heat you generate during the night will have the effect of warming your sleeping bag, too, so that you can stay warm even when you’re tossing and turning. What a concept!

An infrared sauna blanket in Adelaide can also help treat muscle and joint pain. We’ve all dealt with a sore body or aching joints over the course of the day. You may have gotten up early in the morning only to find that the pain hasn’t gone away. Maybe it was too much sleep for you that night, but if you’ve been lying in bed, your muscles may feel stiff and sore-and they need a little help.

The higher dose infrared sauna blanket technology can penetrate deep into your skin, which helps increase blood flow. As a result, your body is receiving more blood and more oxygen, which provide your heart and lungs with the fuel they need to work properly. These blankets also promote cellular metabolism, which increases the breakdown of fat cells, increasing weight loss.