What to Expect from Your Floor Sanding and Polishing Services

The floor sanding and polishing process begin with a bang, literally. All screws in both groove and tongue boards are punched down beneath the smooth surface of the wood floorboard. Floor sanding usually takes up between 3 days and a week to complete. It is an example of how the entire product is worked on, not just a single plank. After the floor has been sanded, polished and restored, a new coat of finish is applied.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in AdelaideIt is important to understand that floor sanding and polishing are two separate processes and cannot be done together. It is another reason why such services should be hired from a professional company that offers them separately. Hiring just one person to perform both tasks adds many costs and makes it difficult for an amateur to do the same job. Instead, it is better to hire Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Adelaide to provide both services at a lesser price.

Polishing wooden floors and sanding them involve very thin layers of sand. In achieving this, sanding is often performed with a drum sander or by hand. When used for floor sanding and polishing purposes, fine-grit sandpaper is usually used. Finer grit sandpaper ensures that the scratches caused by footwear are removed as well.

Polished timber floors often require more sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish. In case you need to use higher grit sandpaper, you can also opt to use an abrasive compound to remove any stubborn marks that may have marred the finish. These treatments are known as anti-fade and come in different forms. Some chemicals are purely abrasive, while others work by removing minute pores that allow moisture to seep into the wood. If you opt for this option, you may need to use a more powerful vacuum cleaner than usual during the floor sanding and polishing process.

Floor sanding and polishing services will always include a protective coat applied to prevent damage from the abrasive. Sanding floors using regular power sandpaper will leave floors looking dull and lifeless. The protective coat on a floor sanding machine leaves floors looking vibrant and restored. Some machines even come with polishing pads that can be attached to the machine for extra polish.

Using sandpaper as compared to a power sander will also lead to a smoother finish. The small particles produced by these machines mean that they can’t effectively remove deeper-seated stains such as red wine stains or coffee. However, it is important to note that sanding does not completely remove deep-seated stains. Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Adelaide specialising in timber floors will sand a timber floor until it is free of debris and dust. After this has been achieved, the polisher will then buff the floor to the desired shine.