Reasons to Listen to the Word of God

The Bible is often called the Word of God and is the preeminent manifestation of divine revelation. Jesus Christ is also considered the Word of God since both are the intersection of the divine and the human. In the first few chapters of Genesis, we see the creative power of God’s Word, as the heavens and heavenly hosts were formed by His Word. The prophets and the law also communicate the Word of God.

Word of God

In Luke 8:18, Jesus warns us not to misunderstand the Word of God. If you want to know the voice of God, listen to His Word and obey it! It takes time to recognize the voice of God, just as we must learn to differentiate sounds from meaning when we are infants. So, listen to God’s Word, cherish it, and obey it. Ultimately, you will find peace and joy only by hearing the Word of God.

The Bible also reveals that God revealed His Word to humankind in written form. It is important to understand that He did not move the pen of man or usurp his will in revealing His Word. He did not force the man to write what He wanted him to write. His motivations for our will are perfect, complete, and intimate. The Word of God is a revelation of His will. It is the Word of God to us. Let us not make it our own.

We can see the power of the Word of God through its power to convict and transform our lives. God created the heavens and earth in six days. As all-powerful, God knew what He needed to create each day, and each thing had a purpose. So it is with the Word of God. Every chapter of the Bible is important, and each has a purpose. We should take the Word of God to heart and seek to obey it as our ultimate authority.

The Bible is the most widely-read book in history, but millions of people are still not converted, and many Christians are lukewarm and unproductive. How can we make the Word of God relevant to our lives? First, we must locate and study the relevant scripture. We should be able to understand the full meaning of each passage. We may need help from a Pastor or mature Christian, or we can ask for advice on this subject.

As for the Word of God, it is the Word of God that can make the difference between our spiritual life and our worldly success. We must obey God’s Word because He is greater than us and is worthy of our attention and obedience. Only then can we allow the power of the Word of God to flow through our spiritual veins and heal our souls. This power of the Word will then be manifested in our lives by serving, giving, and leading.

Jesus likened the Bible word to seed and described its power to grow. If planted in a heart that is honest and obedient to God, this seed will produce physical acts. This is what Christianity has been able to accomplish for over 2000 years. Our faith is dependent upon the Word’s power to reproduce. We must embrace the Word’s power to transform our lives and the world around us. The Word of God is the source of our new life in Christ.

If we fail to believe the Word of God, our salvation is forfeited. The writer of Hebrews makes this statement by applying Psalm 95:7-9 to the generation in which we live. In this context, we might have been experiencing persecution because of our faith in Christ. To help us understand why Psalm 95:7 was written by David, he reflected on how the generation before him failed to believe in the Lord.

The Bible teaches that the Word of God was with God from the beginning and is the source of all things. Without this Word, we would not know Jesus or the love of God. Likewise, we cannot understand the Word of God without Scripture. It is our life’s guide and foundation of understanding. When we study the Bible, we prepare for God’s Word to transform our world. But how can we know that we have been saved?

Gideon was an Israelite judge raised by God. God appointed judges to settle disputes between people. As such, they served as chieftains and led the tribes in battle against the enemy of God. The book of Judges contains Gideon’s largest portion of verses, with four chapters. Gideon’s story is a lesson for us to learn from. Just like Moses, Gideon is an example of God’s faithfulness and his faith.