Typical Daycare Building Inspection Processes

Building Inspectors are professional people responsible for ensuring the safety of people, property and the environment. A building inspection is basically an examination done by a building inspector who is qualified in one or more areas and is typically certified in at least one or several fields qualifying him/her to render expert judgment on whether a particular building meets building regulations laid out by law. In Australia, building inspectors installed in Adelaide must have a business license and a building maintenance permit to do business. It is important to note that in Australia, building inspectors have become subject to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).


You can obtain a building inspector certificate from your local or regional building department. However, it may be advisable to go through a tuition program to understand the various disciplines involved fully. The program focuses on one’s field of expertise to have a clear view of his/her area of responsibilities and the type of training required. The certificate will provide you with the necessary experience working as a building inspector and open many industry career opportunities.

Construction inspectors perform a number of duties while ensuring compliance with building plans, regulations and safety standards. These building inspectors installed in Adelaide are involved in the pre-planning stage, consisting of surveying the site, measuring dimensions, preparing the ground surface for work to be done, and carrying out laboratory tests to assess compliance with specifications. They then carry out a site survey to evaluate how much work will be required. Site investigations are carried out to determine the site plan and determine any underground utilities. Site investigations also prepare for the safe excavation of foundation walls, columns and footings, and determine whether structural members will need reinforcing.

The inspectors then determine the right procedures and methods for the construction and inspection of the facility. Once this is complete, they ensure compliance with the regulations laid out by the local, state and federal governments. Regulations such as health and safety regulations, building controls and electrical regulations are checking to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws. The building inspectors installed in Adelaide are also involved in the planning stage of the project. In the planning stage, the inspectors will prepare the drawings and perform the required laboratory tests to check for defects in the structure, site surveys, low air quality, noise and vibration levels.