The Top 3 Best Options for Bathroom Tiles Adelaide

Bathroom floor tiles are available in a multitude of materials. Porcelain, ceramic, and vinyl are the first ones that come to mind when we talk about bathroom tiles, and for a good reason. These materials are some of the most practical options available in the market right now. However, there are also many options that are made available today, from cork to stone. Get to know the available options. Check out three of the best options for bathroom tiles Adelaide and never make the mistake of choosing the wrong ones.


Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is currently the most popular material for bathroom tiles thanks to its low cost and a high degree of practicality. It’s suitable for every bathroom inside your house; from the master to the common bathroom. It can even outshine other choices for its comfort, safety, and extreme durability. In addition to that, it’s hands down the most aesthetically pleasing material that also features easy installation. What more can you ask for your bathroom tiles?


Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Whether you prefer wood lookalikes, stone, lattice-patterned squares or colourful penny tiles, both porcelain and ceramic tiles are two of the best materials used for bathroom tiles Adelaide. Similar to vinyl, ceramic and porcelain score hire with regards to its maintenance. The only downside to them is that they’re not as comfortable on bare feet. However, installing radiant floor heat will help change that; although that can add to your installation expenses. Because of that, porcelain and ceramic tiles aren’t the friendliest when it comes to installation. Although not completely impossible, it’s quite tricky to DIY. When you protect it with a high-grade glaze as a top layer, ceramic and porcelain will resist wear and even minor to moderate scratches.


Glass Tiles

If you’re looking more on the aesthetic appeal, glass floor tiles may be the one you’re looking for. However, this feature comes as a two-fold. Covering a portion of the floor in a thin layer of glass will create an illusion of depth. If you tint your glass, it will represent a lovely stained-glass effect. When installed correctly, glass tiles will hold up well even on moderate to heavy traffic. To prevent any slips, make sure you choose textured glass. Small glass tiles with numerous grout joints can also be a slip-resistant option.


There are many more bathroom tiles Adelaide options out there. But these three are the best among the rest. So consider these three, and you’ll never make any mistake with choosing the wrong bathroom tiles.