3 Ways to Improve Your Adelaide SEO Strategy in 2020 and Beyond

We’re all aware of how SEO changes every year. Even the slightest changes can put off our current SEO strategies and put our ranking in jeopardy. That’s why people need to be aware of the Adelaide SEO trends that are happening and how they can adjust towards this ever-changing concept. SEO in 2020 will be different yet again, and we want you to be ready for that. That’s why we prepared three effective ways to help you improve your SEO strategy in preparation for the coming new year.

Add Interactive Content

Adelaide SEOWe’re nearing the end of the decade. Content has been the driving force for every online marketing strategy. That’s why it’s about time that you add interactive content on your website. Not only will it create a more compelling element but will also increase the amount of dwell time on your website. Content such as quizzes, surveys, puzzles, assessments, infographics, and videos can be a huge piece of content that you can add to your website to increase overall engagement and interaction. The more people stay on your website, the more it will alert Google that your content is valuable and relevant to what your target audience is looking for.

Go for Keyword-rich Long-form Content

According to the latest survey, the average links on the first page of Google’s search results contain 1,900 words. That means long-form content has and will always be a trend. It enables you to delve deeper into content topics, which will provide users with a multitude of relevant information. You can help people get everything they need when you publish comprehensive content, which is what Google aims to promote. Besides, long-form content that’s rich in relevant content is an effective and compelling Adelaide SEO strategy. It allows you to add your primary LSI keywords that will help you rank better.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Ready

Mobile optimization has been a trend ever since 2016. It continues to be a trend going forward into the new year, as more and more websites are catching up to this important feature. Keep in mind that Google has already been penalizing sites that are not yet optimized for mobile view. So, if you’re wondering why your website isn’t ranking well despite all the SEO strategies that you’ve used, you’re probably missing out on this one. So, make sure you complete your Adelaide SEO strategy by mobile-optimizing your website.