How Chiropractic Treatment May Help You

A chiropractor is a professional who specializes in treating injuries, illnesses, neurological problems, and general disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care is based on the belief that the body’s natural defences against disease, pain, and injury can be strengthened through various adjustments to the physical structure of the body. These adjustments can be performed by a chiropractor and sometimes by other healthcare practitioners or health professionals such as physicians, therapists, and athletic trainers. An Adelaide chiropractor diagnoses and treats conditions concerning the body’s skeletal system, which includes the spine. Their purpose is to alleviate pain or improve functioning by manipulating the spine. They do not perform surgery or prescribe medication.

Adelaide chiropractorInstead, they manipulate or adjust the spine and other key body parts, such as the neck, arms, shoulders, hips, and legs, to get them into the correct position or alignment. In doing so, chiropractors believe that they help restore the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system to promote well-being and balance. They perform diagnostic imaging and determine the nature and severity of a patient’s back pain, joint pain, neck pain, or other abnormal symptoms. They then recommend treatment options, including chiropractic adjustments and exercises, therapeutic exercise programs, or referral to another physician or specialist.

A chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation, which utilizes their hands, to realign the spine and joints manually. Some chiropractors are licensed to perform spinal manipulation and related therapies, while others are not. Although some chiropractors can realign spinal bones and other joints, most focus their attention on soft tissues or soft-tissue techniques for treating conditions involving those joints.

Another specialty of chiropractic treatment is pregnancy care. Most prenatal chiropractic specialists have extensive training in working with pregnant women and their unborn child. During pregnancy, the growing baby presses against the mother’s spinal column, causing her to experience various symptoms, including fatigue, nausea, and back pain. Although chiropractic specialists cannot realign the spine to eliminate back pain or alleviate neck pain, they can treat specific problems that affect pregnant women. For example, a chiropractor may recommend stretches and strengthening exercises that help prepare the spinal column for birth.

Other conditions that chiropractors can treat include shingles, migraine headaches, and low back pain. They can also refer patients to appropriate specialists, including an acupuncturist, an osteopathic physician, and a physical therapist. The goal of treatment is to reduce or eliminate symptoms, rehabilitate the spine, and restore proper joint movement and posture. An Adelaide chiropractor often works in conjunction with other medical professionals and will prescribe medications to help mitigate the pain or mitigate the possibility of additional problems. If other treatments are not successful, the patient may be referred to another specialist.

There are many different types of health conditions related to the spine, but most chiropractors focus on the joints and soft tissues of the spine. Most chiropractors use methods such as spinal manipulation, but some do not use this procedure. There are many types of treatment options available, depending upon the cause of the problem. Some chiropractors use only hands-on adjustments and do not rely on pills or medication. If you suffer from a health condition or other problem that affects your nerves or muscles, talk to your local Adelaide chiropractor to determine what treatment options may be available to improve your overall health and well-being.