Before Having a Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty is a common cosmetic plastic surgery technique used to create a flatter, tighter stomach. The surgery mainly involves removing fat and skin from the upper and lower belly and rectum area to tighten the abdominal muscle and connective tissue of the wall. The lower half of the body is not affected by this treatment. A tummy tuck Adelaide can be done on an outpatient basis, though patients are seen on a day to day basis for follow-up care.

Patients who wish to get abdominoplasty are people who have stretched and saggy abdominal muscles that cause their abdomen to look out of shape. Abdominal muscles may need to be tightened up to consider the significant amount of weight one puts on their midsection every day. Besides, the procedure may be necessary for women who have been at an increased risk of developing bulimia or self-induced vomiting due to severe weight loss. Overall, a tummy tuck can be very successful for these individuals as well.


During a tummy tuck Adelaide, excess fat and skin around the belly button may need to be removed. This typically happens in the midsection where the navel is hanging. The doctor will remove extra skin around the belly button and use liposuction to get rid of pockets of fat in the abdominal wall. The doctor will make an incision in the navel area where the surgeon will lift and pull the skin back.


Though tummy tucks have a shallow complication rate, they can have associated risks like infection, blood clots, excessive bleeding, and general anesthesia reactions. However, these complications are rare. There is also the risk of excessive scarring, but this generally occurs after the second or third surgery. Overall, there are very few risks when having a tummy tuck.

Before having a tummy tuck, it is important that you be in good health and do not have any significant weight to lose before the procedure. A surgeon might consider performing liposuction and your tummy tuck to help you lose the weight you need to lose. A reputable doctor might consider you for this type of procedure if your weight loss attempts are not very successful through diet and exercise alone.


After the surgery, there is usually some bruising or swelling that lasts for about six weeks. However, most patients report that their incisions heal without scarring and that their skin looks or feels normal within about three to six months. For more information on post-op care, including what to do if you experience any complications or develop any infections, see your doctor immediately. In most cases, patients can return to work and continue with their normal activities within a few weeks. If you notice any unusual side effects or problems after your tummy tuck, contact your doctor immediately.