Top Fence Designs for Modern Homes

Exteriors are critical to a home’s overall aesthetics since everything your property has to offer outdoors will immediately make a statement about your taste, personality, and probably even your character as a homeowner.


Aside from landscaping, one of the critical aspects of home designing that you should put careful thought into is your fence design. Fences not only serve as a warning to criminals but are also a beautiful addition to your home’s outdoor atmosphere if you choose the right design.


Not every fence design works well for modern homes, so below are several fencing ideas that you may want to consider before calling your – fencing Adelaide provider.


Horizontal Slats


One of the most popular designs in present-time properties is the horizontal slat fence. If your interiors are centred on a minimalist theme, it is best to opt for dark shades. It allows for better accenting and further incorporates your home’s minimalistic design.



Etched Metal


This type of fence comes in a set of designs that you can choose from. There are thick and thin metal choices that blend well with modern and futuristic houses. You can ask your – fencing Adelaide expert for samples so you can gauge whether floral or patterned designs will work best for your home.




Back in the days, gabion fencing experts only used one type of rock. As the construction industry transitioned to futuristic designs, specialists developed ways to integrate aesthetics into gabion fences and walls. Homeowners now have a selection from a wide range of rock types and colours for modern homes that highlight both privacy and beauty.


Brick and Metal Combo


A combination of metal and brick materials is a favourite among homeowners whose houses have a more old-fashioned feel. On the other hand, developments in construction paved the way for brick and metal fences to be integrated into modern exterior designs.


Fencing specialists now offer design choices for modernistic homeowners who want to integrate a touch of ancient construction materials to their contemporary houses.


Vertical Timber


Many contemporary houses now feature wooden furniture and exterior add-ons. If you want a wood fence but you also prefer to incorporate a modern look for your yard, it is best to go for vertical timber fencing.


You can choose from a wide range of wood types, including oak, pine, and other durable timber to ensure that your fence will stay sharp and stunning for a long time.


Fences are always a part of exterior designing. With proper guidance from experts and your amazing ideas, you will come up with a design that will not disrupt the aesthetic targets you’ve laid out for your property. Call a professional fencing provider today and provide details about your preferences so you can experience the beauty and sense of privacy that quality fences have to offer.