What is EnviroTemp?

The term “EnviroTemp” refers to the modern and innovative treatment solution for air conditioning, refrigeration, and chilling appliances and units, the purpose of which is to improve their energy efficiency as well as prolong their life. Also, it is worthy of mention that by taking advantage of EnviroTemp, there is a chance to reduce maintenance costs significantly. But perhaps the most crucial benefit of it is the fact that it minimises the carbon footprint of the appliances you are using in a residential, commercial, or industrial environment.


It is no secret that air conditioning Melbourne and refrigeration are must-haves in any domestic, commercial, or industrial environment. In a home environment, it is hard to imagine how you can maintain comfort and convenience without your AC system and the refrigerator. While you can use your appliances without the need for stuff like EnviroTemp, the truth is it wouldn’t hurt if you use it. The fact is you can save up to 60% of the usual energy you’re using every year, plus you get to enjoy the same level of comfort all the way.



The concept behind EnviroTemp is to come up with something that will prolong the life of your AC, refrigerators, freezers, and chillers without compromising comfort. For most people, the idea of embracing efficiency is by adjusting the temperature of the AC system. However, doing so means you most likely will sacrifice comfort. What if the temperature outside is scorching hot? Can you still afford to adjust the temperature inside? Fortunately, EnviroTemp allows you to turn up the AC system and other appliances that promote a comfortable environment without the worry of having to pay for increased energy expenses. It is a highly-concentrated premium oil-based product that works by forming a permanent layer in the refrigeration circuit of your unit. What it does is it offers protection that the conventional oil cannot provide. By applying it to your system, you guarantee that refrigerant will travel through the system without issues.


One of the best things about EnviroTemp is that the treatment is convenient and quick to apply. Any qualified or experienced HVAC technician can do it, but we do not recommend a do-it-yourself approach. If you have a typical small system at home, you expect the results to appear in a matter of days, while larger systems will have to wait for at least a week for the benefits of EnviroTemp to surface.


You probably do not know it, but oil-based refrigerated systems are bound to lose about 30% of their efficiency after a couple of years. With the help of EnviroTemp, you increase the chances of not having to replace your equipment for years to come. It is true that you’d spend money on the investment in EnviroTemp, but it is all worth it.