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My Baby's Like an Automobile


I really like this song and I love the slide solo, we had a bit of trouble trying to find the right piano groove for Don Hopkins, but after simplifying and simplifying, we got it. Lovely playing by Don, sounds great. Had a lot of fun writing it with a couple of spare verses to boot... it's a very rude song, especially the last verse, which I hereby apologise for, but it wrote itself and I simply couldn't help but leave it in... I remember all of us blushing the first time we played it. We often play it first song of the night for volume reasons but to this day, no-one has ever commented upon it's rude lyrics.... probably cause it sounds like such a lovely little song... which it is...


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Track Listing

  1. The Blues Lives Here
  2. Rock and Roll (Part 1)
  3. She's What The Blues Looks Like
  4. There Ain't No Use Worrying (cause things ain't gonna work out no how)
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. I Wish Every Night Was Saturday Night
  7. My Baby's Like An Automobile
  8. Time To Kill
  9. I'm Tuff
  10. Little Miss Dynamite
  11. I Haven't Got A Hold Of The Bottle (The Bottle's Got A Hold Of Me)
  12. I've Even Lost The Blues
  13. If You Leave Here Tomorrow




My baby's like an automobile (x 2)
I tell you man I got a good deal
My baby's like an automobile

She's got a little red bonnet,
A size 7 boot
Tell her where you want to go
She'll take you any route.

So wonderful to ride
She feels so good inside
No need to telephone
I love it when I drive her home

There was a little problem
We had to rectify
She looks a whole lot better
Without  a  spare tyre

We start a little journey
I begin to navigate
She gets so excited
When I try to deviate

When she starts talkin
Well I begin to fear
She wants a driver in the front
And another in the rear

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