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I'm Tuff


I remember writing this song well. I'd been wanting to write a song that went on for ages on one chord, then slipped into a second chord in for a short bit then back to the groove. I had the whole idea for a long time, then one Saturday morning in Newcastle after a long gig and a bourbon or seven, I got the whole first verse in my head at 7am. Yeah, in the bloody morning... GREAT, so what do I do now, get up at this ungodly hour and write it out or go back to sleep and forget it...

Well, we had the whole song written by lunch time, we ran through it in the motel room and we played it that night, twice and the audience loved it.

I've read a lot of times that some musos or bands can't write on the road, for me, it's the classic time you CAN write... you're away from screaming kids, computers and usual distractions... a perfect opportunity... that's why I value or times in Newcastle, the many gigs we did there, it really made the band what it is and we wrote several of our great songs while away from home up there and were able to play them as we wrote them and get them ready for the studio... (ah, yes, the good old days!)

You gotta love this first verse... it offends everyone in 4 lines!


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Track Listing

  1. The Blues Lives Here
  2. Rock and Roll (Part 1)
  3. She's What The Blues Looks Like
  4. There Ain't No Use Worrying (cause things ain't gonna work out no how)
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. I Wish Every Night Was Saturday Night
  7. My Baby's Like An Automobile
  8. Time To Kill
  9. I'm Tuff
  10. Little Miss Dynamite
  11. I Haven't Got A Hold Of The Bottle (The Bottle's Got A Hold Of Me)
  12. I've Even Lost The Blues
  13. If You Leave Here Tomorrow




I hate kids, I hit my wife, I killed my sister with my knife
I sued my own mother, I shot my Dad
And I really don't care, if you think that's bad (why)

Cause I'm tuff, Yes I'm tuff
Enough is never enough, cause I'm tuff

I steal cars, I get high, well I accuse, to terrify
Ain't got no religion, cause I am God
I live above the law, I ain't got no job (why)

I'm the best of the best, better than the rest
I'm number one, because I cheated on the test

I owe money, to all my friends, I burn the candle at both ends
My troubles are few, I fight fire with fire
Stay out of my way, if you want to survive (why)

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