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If You Leave Here Tomorrow


Ah, the tender side of Misipi, never thought we had one did you? We didn't either... I was in between writing two dog songs. They just weren't happening, so I remembered I thought that I would like to finish the CD with a nice little instrumental, just to kinda wind down and I like the idea of Misipi having instrumental songs on the CD's... gives everyone a break from my bloody voice screaming at you about misery, girls, alcohol and cars!

So within about 30 minutes, I had this song done, I couldn't believe it, it was such a lovely melody that I thought, I really should write some lyrics as well, so within another 30 minutes I'd written a vocal version which goes "If you leave here tomorrow how can I linger on... etc". I had not used the word 'linger" for about 34 years and I have no idea where that came from, but it fitted exactly into that Danny Boy Irish feel. If you want a listen to the vocal version, with a young lass singing it, drop me an email and I'll send you an MP3 of it.

And so the 3rd CD sets slowly in the West, we're very happy with it!!!


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Track Listing

  1. The Blues Lives Here
  2. Rock and Roll (Part 1)
  3. She's What The Blues Looks Like
  4. There Ain't No Use Worrying (cause things ain't gonna work out no how)
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. I Wish Every Night Was Saturday Night
  7. My Baby's Like An Automobile
  8. Time To Kill
  9. I'm Tuff
  10. Little Miss Dynamite
  11. I Haven't Got A Hold Of The Bottle (The Bottle's Got A Hold Of Me)
  12. I've Even Lost The Blues
  13. If You Leave Here Tomorrow


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