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That Extra Mile


I really like this song but it's never been as popular as I had have hoped. If I had my time again, I might have recorded it a bit more "rootsy" a bit more down home, less produced... I like the guitar line and I like the social comment that it's really hard to find anyone around these days that really puts in the extra effort. Must have let me guard down and not sang about cars + girls + drinking... oops !!!


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Track Listing

  1. Keep Those Home Fires Burnin'
  2. Right Here Right Now
  3. Mean and Evil
  4. Drinkin'
  5. Mississippi Minor
  6. That Extra Mile
  7. Fool's Paradise
  8. Talk In Texas
  9. I've Had A Really Bad Day
  10. Man Of The Century
  11. The Twist





Well it sure is lonely on the extra mile
I walk and walk, to reconcile 
ain't no-one out there, it's been a while
yes it sure is lonely, on the extra mile

A  fair days pay for a hard days work
A little bit of effort, it sure won't hurt
If you give it an inch, you can make a mile
At the end of the day, hold your head up high


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