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Talk In Texas


As you can guess, this is also from my old band "Talk In Texas", the theme song... everyone likes a Boogie, so I wrote one, but I've never been a fan of this song. Everyone likes it more than I do, but we play it often cause it goes down well. So what do I know!

It's a rare social comment from me, it's a story about an old guitarist and a girl roady that had an affair. I hardly ever write directly about people, funny that. 


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Track Listing

  1. Keep Those Home Fires Burnin'
  2. Right Here Right Now
  3. Mean and Evil
  4. Drinkin'
  5. Mississippi Minor
  6. That Extra Mile
  7. Fool's Paradise
  8. Talk In Texas
  9. I've Had A Really Bad Day
  10. Man Of The Century
  11. The Twist





Well there's a married man and there's a single girl
There's a brand new baby, brought into this world
Well the Mother won't say and the Father's unknown
But there's a rumour going round, who's seed was sown

There's Talk In Texas now (x2)
Talk In Texas (x2)
Talk In Texas Now

Well there's an innocent child, with no last name
And there's an innocent Wife, who doesn't know their game
Well only time will tell, if the secret is know
From an answer to a question, when the baby's full grown


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