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Man of the Century


This one's left over from my 1980's band, Ol'55. I wrote it in Darwin one day and we played it with that band often, then I re-recorded it a few times cause I kinda like it. We recorded it again for this CD but it didn't really happen and it wasn't gonna make it on, then at the 11th hour I re-did the guitar parts and made it swing a bit more and that was it, I'd finally had THE recorded version I was always after!

The 3rd verse is one of the best verses I've ever written I reckon, it includes the old Mae West quote "When I'm good I'm really good, but when I'm bad I'm better"


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Track Listing

  1. Keep Those Home Fires Burnin'
  2. Right Here Right Now
  3. Mean and Evil
  4. Drinkin'
  5. Mississippi Minor
  6. That Extra Mile
  7. Fool's Paradise
  8. Talk In Texas
  9. I've Had A Really Bad Day
  10. Man Of The Century
  11. The Twist





Let me tell you baby I’m a mighty mighty man
I can start your heart a pumpin’ with a touchin' of my hand
All the girls they love me cos they know I treat 'em right
If you’re really really lucky you can be mine tonight.
I’m the man of the century,
Yeah I'm the man of the century
I’m better than the others
Little sisters tell their brothers
I’m the man of the century
If you want me baby you can take me to your home
You can wine and dine me darlin' work your fingers to the bone
We can be together all your other loves forbidden
You know i can be yours if you’ll only start the bidding
I’m the man of the century
Young and old they follow me
I’m the man of the century
For me to fall in love is an impossibility
Yes I’m the man I’m the man
Autumn winter summer spring no matter what the weather
London Paris Tokyo it really doesn't matter
I perform in hot and cold they say I'm really clever
When I’m good i’m really good but when I’m bad I’m better

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