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I've Had A Really Bad Day


We thought this song was a bit heavy for the 2nd CD, but it's a great riff, a neat lyric, so we had to include it. Clive Shepheard brought a song of his in that had this riff, well a simplified version of it and I wanted to expand the riff in his song, but he didn't want to, so I said can I have the riff and do what I like with it and write a song... so that's what we did. I had the lyric almost complete but with another song around it that wasn't working big time, so I matched that lyric with the riff and BINGO, now that's lucky.

We were still finding our sound on the 2nd CD. I still think it's a touch over produced, a bit "Phil Spector" but good songs and it hangs together well, so that's fine. I decided I'd produce the 3rd CD less and when it came to the 4th CD, we recorded that with even less "production" again... very happy with that one.


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Track Listing

  1. Keep Those Home Fires Burnin'
  2. Right Here Right Now
  3. Mean and Evil
  4. Drinkin'
  5. Mississippi Minor
  6. That Extra Mile
  7. Fool's Paradise
  8. Talk In Texas
  9. I've Had A Really Bad Day
  10. Man Of The Century
  11. The Twist





I don't sleep well at night, I toss and turn left to right
My television's broken, I'm 15 Mile out of town
My '57 Chevrolet, has just been towed away
My boss just made a phone call, I'm not required any more

So don't talk to me I'm in a really bad mood,
Don't listen to me, I might say something rude,
Don't think about looking at me the wrong way,
Get it through your thick head, I've had a really bad day

My little Sister's in jail, my big Brother's out on bail,
My very best friend, has run off with my wife, again,
My life as a whole , is lacking quality control,
I couldn't win a bet, I'm bad luck, I'm in debt

Who's that knocking at the door, looks like my Mother-in-law,
I'm hopin' and I'm prayin', she's not thinkin' bout holidaying

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