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Fools' Paradise


This fella also started as a "Talk In Texas" song (my old band), but had a cute, pop kinda double tempo chorus, sounded terrible, so we slowed it down and bluesed it up, but the original version on the 1st CD (the 1st run had 12 songs but we pulled this song off) had lousy sounding drums and guitar, so we re-recorded it with yet another chorus re-write.... took us 3 goes, but it's a beauty now.


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Track Listing

  1. Keep Those Home Fires Burnin'
  2. Right Here Right Now
  3. Mean and Evil
  4. Drinkin'
  5. Mississippi Minor
  6. That Extra Mile
  7. Fool's Paradise
  8. Talk In Texas
  9. I've Had A Really Bad Day
  10. Man Of The Century
  11. The Twist





Ever since we met, I've been living in a fools' paradise
Every single day, listen to my own advise
Never could believe, the obvious writing on the wall
Took a little time, to realise I was about to fall

Living in a fools' paradise
Listen to my own advise
Living in a fools' paradise
Took a little time to realise

Just another fool, who listened to his heart and not his head
Time and time again, listen to the words but not what she said
Ain't no guarantees, that the way it is now is the end of the show
Happens every time, the first to find out is the last to know

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