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Funny song this fella, just came out of nowhere, great riff and I enjoy singing it, cute lyrics. We don't play it that often as it's a bit "rocky" and not bluesy enough for most gigs, but when we do do it, it rocks big time. I've never sang the 3rd verse, never got around to learning it, bit it's a good lyric... I should learn it!!!


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Track Listing

  1. Talkin' To My Baby
  2. This Is The Finish
  3. Saturday Night
  4. Mamma
  5. This Is Paradise
  6. Tahitian Boogie
  7. A Hard Man
  8. Latino Mississippi
  9. The Way You walk
  10. 7 Day Weekend
  11. I Married Dizzy Miss Lizzy




Mamma, I won't treat your daughter mean (x 2)
You can trust me Mamma I'll treat her like a Queen
I'll be the finest chaperone you've ever seen I said
 Mamma, I won't treat your daughter mean

I won't take her to a place that serves alcohol
Stay close to home I won't travel at all
Won't drive too fast in my automobile
Won't lie, won't cheat ,won't curse,won't steal

2) I'll open the door just like a gentleman should
Won't even hold hands, Mamma, I'll be good
I'll take her to school, bring her on home
Do a little housework then I'll be gone

3) There's a little bit of difference in our age,
But about the same temperature on the gauge
I promise that I'll do every thing that I can
I'll be your Brother Lover Mother Father, a family man





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