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Latino Mississippi


This ditty was inspired by an instrumental called "Hanky Panky" that a DJ Brian Whilshire on radio 2GB in Sydney plays as his theme song... it's an example of what I was saying above, that you couldn't tell AT ALL that Latino started out as a "Hanky Panky" clone, but the groove was based on "Hanky Panky" and it came out GREAT... Derek does his drum solo on this song...


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Track Listing

  1. Talkin' To My Baby
  2. This Is The Finish
  3. Saturday Night
  4. Mamma
  5. This Is Paradise
  6. Tahitian Boogie
  7. A Hard Man
  8. Latino Mississippi
  9. The Way You walk
  10. 7 Day Weekend
  11. I Married Dizzy Miss Lizzy




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