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A Hard Man


This was the first song we rehearsed and got together with the band, we thought that this song was OUR SOUND, kinda hard, rocky, aggressive...... we LOVED it... It was our best song we thought, then after about 6 months, a lot of other new songs came into the band, songs off the 2nd CD and this poor fella fell out of favour and we haven't played it for ages... but I've been thinking of rehearsing it again and see how it sounds now... we might surprise ourselves... like going out with the ex-wife and realising you don't hate her any more... you actually like her again!!!

I co-wrote it with Ian Dittman from "The Bellhops", the delicate line "let's get it going down below" is his... gotta love that!!!


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Track Listing

  1. Talkin' To My Baby
  2. This Is The Finish
  3. Saturday Night
  4. Mamma
  5. This Is Paradise
  6. Tahitian Boogie
  7. A Hard Man
  8. Latino Mississippi
  9. The Way You walk
  10. 7 Day Weekend
  11. I Married Dizzy Miss Lizzy




You can sail upon a cruise, travel any way you choose
To try to find the only one to settle down and have some fun
Something here to keep in mind
A Hard Man is good to find

You can ride a Pontiac try and hitch a Cadillac
You can write to Lonely Hearts but you’ll only get spare parts
Something here to keep in mind
A Hard Man is Good to Find

It might be a crowded room, you might play the same old tune
Walk up and say hello, let’s get it going down below
Something here to keep in mind
A Hard man is good to find.





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