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We've All Got Our Cross To Bear


I was having a 1/2 day songwriting session with myself and I was working on 2 or 3 songs and they were DOGS, nothing was happening, so I reached into my "new song ideas" bag and pulled out a piece of paper that read "we've all got our cross to bear". My wife Jan had said that to me about 2 weeks before about something we were talking about and I thought, "that's a bloody good song title", so I wrote it down. I wrote the whole song + recorded a demo of it in my studio in 2 hrs. And the demo is almost exactly like the finished product... as they say, "gotta get lucky sometimes". You occasionally get a song that just drops in your lap. This is probably one of the best songs we've recorded I reckon. Nice lyric, sentiment, not too derivative, I really feel it's a great song. Tthanks for the title Jan.


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We've All Got Our Cross To Bear
  2. I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You (But I Sure Would Like To Find Out)
  3. One Door Shuts, Another Door Slams
  4. Bad News Travels Fast (Good News Travel Slow)
  5. I Wish You The Best
  6. Even My Enemies Love Me
  7. Gotta Get Lucky Sometime
  8. Ring Of Fire
  9. How Can I Be Thirsty When I Had So Much To Drink Last Night
  10. I'm God's Gift To Women (just ask me I'll tell you so)
  11. Use It Or You Lose It
  12. So Long





You might lose a child, you might lose an eye
Get knocked down, once in a while
You might have a job, you might need a bed
But Black or White, Yellow and Red

We've all got our cross to bear x2
You need to be brave from the cradle to the grave
We've all got our cross to bear

You might be rich, you could be poor
Might be a knock, on your front door
You might be praying, that you're better off dead
But Black or White, Yellow and Red

Grab my hand, try to hold on
Share the pain, you've gotta be strong


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