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So Long


I was in a pretty successful Band in the 80's called Ol'55, and Rockpile Jones, the singer, was playing this little melody one day out of town in the band room, so I said "that's great". But he was just doodling... So I ended up writing some lyrics and doing a version with my 90's band "Talk In Texas". It was a 5 min extravaganza but I thought it would work as a very simple ditty to end the CD with, just like the last CD. I like that format.


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We've All Got Our Cross To Bear
  2. I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You (But I Sure Would Like To Find Out)
  3. One Door Shuts, Another Door Slams
  4. Bad News Travels Fast (Good News Travel Slow)
  5. I Wish You The Best
  6. Even My Enemies Love Me
  7. Gotta Get Lucky Sometime
  8. Ring Of Fire
  9. How Can I Be Thirsty When I Had So Much To Drink Last Night
  10. I'm God's Gift To Women (just ask me I'll tell you so)
  11. Use It Or You Lose It
  12. So Long







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