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One Door Shuts, Another Door Slams


Again, another saying that a mate might say at a BBQ, I was originally working on a song called "I'd rather go to bed with the Devil than to be in love with a woman like you", but the Wife wasn't happy about the Devil reference, so we changed it. Musically, it was a combination of about 3 terrible songs we were working on, that had good little bits. From the very first time we played this, the song just goes OFF. We love it and so does the audience.


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We've All Got Our Cross To Bear
  2. I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You (But I Sure Would Like To Find Out)
  3. One Door Shuts, Another Door Slams
  4. Bad News Travels Fast (Good News Travel Slow)
  5. I Wish You The Best
  6. Even My Enemies Love Me
  7. Gotta Get Lucky Sometime
  8. Ring Of Fire
  9. How Can I Be Thirsty When I Had So Much To Drink Last Night
  10. I'm God's Gift To Women (just ask me I'll tell you so)
  11. Use It Or You Lose It
  12. So Long





I have a hard time gettin' up in the morning'
Have a bad tryin' to go to sleep late at night
I'm over and I'm underpaid
A dollar short and I'm one day late

The one thing in life you gotta to understand
One door shuts and another door slams (x2)

That light you see at the end of the tunnel
Just might be a train gotta wait and see
First to arrive the last to leave
I've got second thoughts about a third degree



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