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Gotta Get Lucky Sometime


There's an unreleased song we've recorded called "Lucky, Lucky Man"... a rarity for us, it's a positive message song. Most of our songs tend to look on the "hard done by" facets of life, so at the very end of this positive song I added "gotta get lucky sometime", just as a sign off, which cracked us up. I just couldn't leave it alone as a positive song - I thought it was funny, that was the catch cry of the Band for some months and we wanted to call the next CD, "Gotta Get Lucky Sometime". Also, I knew there was a song in there somewhere, so after about 6 months, I finally came up with the chorus one day whilst having a shower. I REALLY like the vocal sound on that, I made it as in your face as possible. I LOVE singing it live.


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We've All Got Our Cross To Bear
  2. I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You (But I Sure Would Like To Find Out)
  3. One Door Shuts, Another Door Slams
  4. Bad News Travels Fast (Good News Travel Slow)
  5. I Wish You The Best
  6. Even My Enemies Love Me
  7. Gotta Get Lucky Sometime
  8. Ring Of Fire
  9. How Can I Be Thirsty When I Had So Much To Drink Last Night
  10. I'm God's Gift To Women (just ask me I'll tell you so)
  11. Use It Or You Lose It
  12. So Long





I spent most of my life on the wrong side of town
I'm sick of putting up with wot's been goin' down

You gotta get lucky sometime (x2)
When the chips are down
With no-one else around
You gotta get lucky sometime

Life wasn't meant to be easy they say
But I sure could do with just one good day

Life sure is funny as a matter of fact
It's one step forward and two steps back
Take a little advise + listen what I say
I tell you lady luck is gonna walk my way

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