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Bad News Travels Fast, Good News Travels Slow


We were sitting in the change room waiting to go on for the launch of our 3rd CD and a song came on the PA that said something like, "bad news travels", and I thought about that old saying that "bad news travels fast good news travel slow", maybe something my Mum used to say. Tthe guitar happened to be tuned to D Minor, so I put the slide up on the 12th fret, BANG... a Minor Blues... that was it, I think I wrote the chorus and first verse on the spot while waiting to go on!


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We've All Got Our Cross To Bear
  2. I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You (But I Sure Would Like To Find Out)
  3. One Door Shuts, Another Door Slams
  4. Bad News Travels Fast (Good News Travel Slow)
  5. I Wish You The Best
  6. Even My Enemies Love Me
  7. Gotta Get Lucky Sometime
  8. Ring Of Fire
  9. How Can I Be Thirsty When I Had So Much To Drink Last Night
  10. I'm God's Gift To Women (just ask me I'll tell you so)
  11. Use It Or You Lose It
  12. So Long




Bad new travel fast, good news travels slow (x2)
I wouldn't have travelled at all, if I knew what I know

For 12 long years, I was a good man to my wife
One time in a motel room, ruined my married life

Word's out on the street, from a whisper to a scream
There's no fool like an old fool and what a fool I've been

Heard behind closed doors, there's talk on the telephone
Rumours going round, it (broke up) ruined my happy home

I'm so alone every night, by myself every day
I just can't go on, livin' this a way


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