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Exile On Chapel Street


Great song, one of the very best Instrumentals we've ever written.. doesn't really sound like a Misipi song, but it was just too good to leave off.

I was in the middle of trying to complete 2 really lousy songs, they just were not behaving themselves.. sometimes you get a great idea for a song, then it just stalls... a GREAT song has several great parts to it, these songs only had one.. so as I was doodling with my OPEN D tuning, this song just came out in an hour or less... then I went to the studio, demo'd it and once I'd put the slide guitars on, it all of a sudden sounded like an Allman Brothers Band song, I had no idea.!!!..

We've played it since and it ALWAYS goes over really well.. it's got a truly GREAT ending.

It's been covered by Surf guitarist Martin Cilia and Derek Trucks (from The Allman Brothers Band) has a copy that I gave at Bluesfest this year.. so here's hoping the Allman's cover it..!!!


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We're Gonna Have A Party
  2. Deeper In Debt
  3. When You're Dead You're Dead
    (when you're gone you're gone)
  4. Everybody Who Prays Don't Go To Heaven
    (everybody who sin don't go to hell)
  5. Something Comes Into My Mind
  6. Exile On Chapel Street
  7. Something So Right
  8. Come To Memphis (one more time)
  9. One Step Forward (two steps back)
  10. Lefty's Groove
  11. We Ain't Got The Blues (we're gonna have a real good time)
  12. I Believe My Time Ain't Long
  13. North Georgia






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