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Deeper In Debt


This one's been around for a long time, at least the 3rd CD and when Lefty joined the Band he liked it, so we started doing it live and it always went down well. I've always enjoyed playing that rhythm live and Lefty sings it great.. so there you go, it's finally out..


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We're Gonna Have A Party
  2. Deeper In Debt
  3. When You're Dead You're Dead
    (when you're gone you're gone)
  4. Everybody Who Prays Don't Go To Heaven
    (everybody who sin don't go to hell)
  5. Something Comes Into My Mind
  6. Exile On Chapel Street
  7. Something So Right
  8. Come To Memphis (one more time)
  9. One Step Forward (two steps back)
  10. Lefty's Groove
  11. We Ain't Got The Blues (we're gonna have a real good time)
  12. I Believe My Time Ain't Long
  13. North Georgia




V1) I ain't got no money, I'm stone cold broke
I wanna hang myself can't afford no rope
I'm not very lucky never won first prize
My current situation is no surprise
Another day gone and I'm deeper in debt. (x2)

Can't get no worse or do you want a bet?
Another day gone and I'm deeper in debt. (x2)

V2) Payin' off the house, running up the credit card
Earnin' all the money, but I view it from afar
You've got to give credit where credit is due
It happened to me - I wish it happened to you.

V3) Home of the brave and the land of the free
How come that never happens to me
My only crime was having too much fun
Champagne taste on a beer income


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