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Come To Memphis (one more time)


I just love the fact that before you know it, you're into the Chorus in this song, just like those Motown Songs..

When we entered the Memphis Blues Challenge, Lefty suggested that I write a song about Memphis. When you're a songwriter, there's lotsa times when someone says, "hey you oughta write a song about that', it could be when someone loses a shoe or when someone says "boo-boo-boo", folk tend to think that you can write a song about anything, but it's just chance.. an idea meeting up with a groove - some chords. I wasn't so keen about doing a Memphis song, just seemed too hard, then I played the Elton John / Leon Russell CD and there was one song that just gave me the idea, "Come back to Memphis just one more time".. kind of an "I've been a fool, please try me one more time".. I sat down to write it and it was going no-where big time, then it just locked in with one change then another then wham, I had it all, then I demo'd it in an hour and it just behaved itself wonderfully, probably the most commercial song I've ever written..


I Don't Know

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Track Listing

  1. We're Gonna Have A Party
  2. Deeper In Debt
  3. When You're Dead You're Dead
    (when you're gone you're gone)
  4. Everybody Who Prays Don't Go To Heaven
    (everybody who sin don't go to hell)
  5. Something Comes Into My Mind
  6. Exile On Chapel Street
  7. Something So Right
  8. Come To Memphis (one more time)
  9. One Step Forward (two steps back)
  10. Lefty's Groove
  11. We Ain't Got The Blues (we're gonna have a real good time)
  12. I Believe My Time Ain't Long
  13. North Georgia




V1) We've been in and out of love, more my fault than yours
Please let me say, oh please won't you say

Ch) Come to Memphis one more time
I'll do anything to change your mind
You're just one hope away, all that I can say
Come to Memphis one more time
Go back to when you were mine
Need a miracle
I'll find a miracle

V2) You're still a world away, is there any chance
Do you have the heart, we are still apart

M8) Oooo I've done wrong, please won't you come home
Time can heal the pain, hope you feel the same


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