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July 2014

A NEW CD... "The Songs John West Rejected.." .!!!

Hi Guys + Gals...

As most of you would know, we've produced 5 CD's in 7 years - not a bad effort considering Sept 11, the GFC, a looming Nuclear War and Psy bring out a follow-up to Gangnam...!!!!.

As a result of all our recording sessions, is that we have quite a few songs that for one reason or another didn't make it onto one of our CD's..

SO ... we've decided to put out "The Songs That John West Rejected" CD with all the leftover songs.

It will be a "limited edition".  We're pressing only 50 of these fellas, and it'll cost you $30 + postage - who knows, being a limited edition, in time it might well be worth $31 + postage !!

Email me for banking details...!!!!

Be quick to avoid the inevitable stampede, it's gonna be a great compendium to the other 5 Mississippi CD's..!!


Here's a few comments on each song from Mississippi Jeff..

The Shakedown.. this is an Instrumental, just a good groove, lotsa fun. We actually played this quite a bit, but seemed a little 'light weight" for the 3rd CD.

Sandy Nelson... another instrumental, based on a great Sandy Nelson (the famous drummer – "Let There Be Drums") tom-tom groove, the song really gets going big time, but just never was strong enough at the start ... pity.

Short Time To Live (long long time to stay dead) ... I tried to mix this song lotsa times - we thought it was a bit different, kind of a Country 2 feel, just never got to be an A side despite the potential of the title.  We played it a few times live. There Are No Guarantees ... this is our Led Zeppelin song.  Derek and I started working it out one time when Ganno was late for rehearsal and it just grew from there ... we played it live many times when we could.  It's pretty heavy, but it just never found its place on a CD ... shame, it's a cracker of a song ... the first line is "Peer at the pyramids along the Nile, stare at the statues of Easter Isle"...!!!.. (call a doctor.!)

Let's Shake ... I wrote this way before Mississippi even started.  It's got a great little riff and is very danceable and sounds great - just the lyrics always sucked. "Let's dance, let's groove, let's get right in the mood" ... could never re-write the lyrics ... shame - could have been a world wide No-1 hit ...!!!(or not).

Everybody in the room's gonna get a root (except for me) ... now that's a No-1 hit if I ever heard one ... this is a fun song.  We even played it a couple of times believe it or not ... definitely in the "curiosity" folder.

Sweet Jesus..  almost made it onto CD No. 2 + 5. Lefty gave it an update vocally and I gave it another shot after him, just never seemed to find a home anywhere, we used to play it a lot in the early days.

If You Leave Here Tomorrow ... I wrote this as a vocal song - had the lyrics and all, but I just sounded terrible singing it ... wrong key, then when Lefty joined Mississippi, he had a go and it sounded fantastic.  It was one of the highlights of the set in my opinion ... we never got around to recording it with Lefty singing, but I did get a young Lass to sing it with her Band, so here it is, a Mississippi song with a female vocal – now that's a first.

The Twist ... not the one on the 2nd CD - we did this "cover version" in the early days. I've always liked "The Twist" and we often finished the night with it. The wife always hated it ... so as the saying goes – "behind every successful man is a woman -telling him he's wrong.!!  I loved singing it too, but this version is a pretty faithful version of the Hank Ballard (the author's original) version ... sounds great with a wonderful swinging sax break from an honorary Mississippi member, Mr Ralph P White.

Lucky Lucky Man ... this fella was gonna be on the 3rd or 4th CD.  I like it, but no-one else does.  I wanted that kind of song that Ry Cooder does, with the Doo-wop vocals behind a blues song, but few others dug it, so it remained on the shelf.  Great drum track by Derek - really swings.

Mississippi Swing ... this is really just an extension of "This is the Finish", from the 1st CD, with Lefty and me doing harmony guitar parts. I always thought that motif melody was great, so we just extended it ... I wrote it mainly to be played at quieter kind of gigs, where we couldn't blast from the first song. Was never really intended for a CD, but is a nice little ditty nonetheless.

My Father's Son ... I wrote this for Derek when his Dad died way too early a few years ago. We actually played it a couple of times. I didn't like my vocals on it, so I got one of my studio singers, Guy Taylor, to sing it ... he did a great job. I'm trying to get it to various artists to record - it's a good commercial song I reckon.

I Hope We Get Paid Tonight ... this almost made it to the short list for the 5th CD, it was the last Mississippi song I wrote ... there's something about the song arrangement/structure that just doesn't work, it's bloody ALMOST there, just not quite ... one of these days I'll find out what the problem was, then I can die happy.

I know you'll enjoy this ragtag collection, it's a great insight to what goes on with a Band, the dynamics, pushes + pulls, you mighty even find your favourite Mississippi songs in the bunch that didn't see the light of day ... personally my favourite song of all these is ... ah, sorry, I just ran out of time to tell you what my favourite song is, gee, what a shame I've run out of time, oh well, such is life, I would have liked even a few more seconds to tell you ... sorry about that, really sorry ...

The Mississippi Shakedown Lads...

5th CD out now!!

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